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Top Tips for Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup

Many of my brides ask me how to achieve their perfect wedding makeup for their big day. People like a wide range of styles and there are some tips which generally appeal to all wedding makeup.

Trends, or classic?

Try not to have your wedding makeup too trendy – trends come and go; when you look back at your photographs in 10, 20, 30 years’ time you want to look timeless and beautiful and not look out dated.

Cool, or warm?

Be harmonious with your colour scheme – if your wedding has more cool tones (eg pinks, lavenders or silvers). Keep your wedding makeup tones the same. That’s not to say you have to have pink lips, lavender cheeks and silver eyes – just keep in mind your tones and go for cooler versions of the colours you’ve chosen, as this will suit your wedding design. Likewise, if your colours are warmer (eg corals, yellow and golds) choose warmer tones for your makeup.

The true ‘you’

Be yourself. You want to be the best version of yourself, so if you normally wear a fair amount of makeup it’s maybe best not to have your wedding makeup too natural, as you won’t feel like yourself. The same goes for if you normally don’t wear any; don’t cake your wedding makeup on. Your makeup needs to compliment your preference and your skin tone.

The big lights

Think about the wedding photography – you will have pictures taken of you all day. Avoid wearing too many light reflective products, as the camera flash will really pick theses up. Just use a small amount of highlight or shimmer in the places you want and need it.

Beautiful white dress?

If you have a white wedding dress, be particularly careful with your wedding makeup. Makeup can look very different next to whites, so if you are wearing a white wedding dress I would recommend wearing a white top, or holding up something white when you are trialling your wedding makeup look. You will soon see if you have overdone it or if you need more colour.

Touch ups

Stay flawless! You want your wedding makeup to last all day, so choose long lasting or waterproof products. Thin layers stay on better so don’t overload the makeup products. You may also need to touch up a few things throughout your day, so I often recommend having a concealer, pressed powder and lipstick. Ask one of your bridesmaids to keep these in their bag as it may come in very handy!

Closing thoughts

Hope these tips help you on your big day. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch, or leave a comment below.

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