Photoshoot Makeup: Photo by Dan Bold

Photoshoot makeup: 10 Top tips for make up behind the cameras

Photoshoot Makeup: 10 Top tips for make up behind the cameras

I would always advise booking a professional hair and makeup artist to help with photoshoot makeup, but I also understand this isn’t always possible.

These tips will have you looking fabulous at any photo opportunity!

1. Prep the skin – Everything will show up on the camera so make sure your skin is clean and moisturised, then apply a primer to give your foundation a smooth canvas.

2. Use high definition foundation – this will help to make sure your skin looks flawless in photographs. Try and avoid high SPF in your foundation as this can photograph light on your skin.

3. Use matte colours – shimmers can look great if applied properly, but it is always safe to go with matte as it won’t reflect light, making it easier to photograph.

4. Fill in your brows – this will really frame your face, especially for blondes, as blonde eye brows can disappear in photographs.

5. Make up will photograph 2 shades light – makeup doesn’t translate as vibrant in photographs. I recommend doing your blush and lip colour more vibrant than you normally would.

6. Use powders – even if your make up is applied perfectly, if you look shiny in your pictures, it can ruin your whole look. I would suggest a translucent finish or setting powder. This can be used to touch up throughout the shoot.

7. Apply your make up in natural light – when you put your makeup on sit by a window or in a room with lots of natural light, this will give you the best idea of what your makeup will look like in photographs.

8. Define your eyes – eyeliner and black mascara is a must for photoshoot makeup. When it comes to pictures black looks good on everyone. It also really makes your eyes standout.

9. Flase lashes – I love false lashes they make your eyes look bigger and more defined but some photographers don’t like them as they can casual a shadow under the eyes so just bare this in mind.

10. Wear lip gloss – wearing a lip gloss over your lip colour will make your lips look luscious and full.

Closing thoughts


Those are my top tips for photoshoot makeup. Follow them and your pictures will look fabulous! Photoshoot makeup is important to get right, as images can last a lifetime. Also, make sure you’ve got the right makeup in your bag.

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